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Shipping Containers for Sale

We help individuals, businesses, governments, militaries and portable storage companies find shipping containers for sale at the best price and delivered directly to their location in one single solution. We can handle orders for a single container or over a hundred across the United States. We bring over 30 years of experience in the storage container business and we will help you buy a storage container that is right for your job.

Shipping Containers - Buy or Rent?

Steel storage containers are a great solution for portable storage, on-site storage and moible storage needs. The question for many people is: should I buy or rent a storage container? When making this decision, you should consider the following:

How long do you need the container?
If you need a shipping container on a long-term or permanent basis, you will want to consider buying the storage container. Storage container rentals are better for those that do not need a container for more than 12 months or are not sure of how long they will need the container. If you need a storage container rental, please contact us and we will recommend a good provider for a rental.

What condition do I need?
Shipping containers come in a variety of conditions and it is important to be clear on the differences. "As-Is" containers are truly used containers with very visible signs of wear and tear. "One-Trip" containers are in better condition than "As-Is" because they have only made one trip across an ocean. Finally, "refurbished" containers are like-new and they are repainted and reconditioned. We provide all three conditions for sale across the country.

For those that do not need a 100% weather-proof container, you should consider buying an As-Is container. The cost can be much less and you will not be concerned about visual damage or minor flaws. If you do require a 100% water and wind tight container then you should consider buying a One-Trip or a Refurbished unit.

Storage Container Inventory

Shipping containers come in many different sizes and conditions. We can help you find most any size, however, we deal mostly in the following sizes:

10 Foot Container
20 Foot Container
40 Foot Container
40 Foot High Cube
45 Foot High Cube

If you require another size then please complete a storage container quote request or email us and we can check our inventory in the location you require. The 45 foot containers are not always available in a given location.

National Locations

Click the link to see the states we have shipping container sales locations across the United States.

Shipping Container Solutions Across the USA

Our national presence allows us to quickly sell and deliver used shipping containers to almost any location in the continental United States. We are knowledgable of the supply and demand of containers across the country and this allows us to build inventory at great rates and pass the savings on to you. The availability of each particular storage container can vary for a given location at a given time so the best thing to do is complete a storage container quote request and we will contact you regarding the availability of your storage unit.


We sell storage containers in the following conditions: "As-Is", "One-Trip", and "Refurbished." The difference is in the structural integrity and visual appearance of the containers. For a description of each, please see our steel storage containers page.

Our Value Proposition

Our true value is in our 30 years of experience. We understand your needs and we consider ourselves a partner in your efforts to find the right container at the right price. Also, we translate our knowledge and experience into savings of time and money. Whether you are renting a single cargo container or a dozen, we can meet your needs.