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Steel Containers

Steel Storage Containers for Sale

We provide used steel storage containers that are ISO grade shipping containers. Used ISO grade shipping containers come in various conditions, which we describe below. container.

This section includes the following:

  • Storage Container List and Details
  • Shipping Container Conditions Available
  • Specifications
  • Common Uses
  • Modifications

Container Selection

10 Foot Container

The 10 Foot Container is a specialized unit designed to meet unique on-site storage needs. This unit is 10 feet long in length and the standard 8.6 feet high. This is a perfect portable storage solution for those with smaller storage needs and in tighter spaces. These portable storage units are modified from 20 foot storage containers are structurally sound.

Dimensions = 10' Long x 8.5' High x 8' Wide and 2,500 lbs.

20 Foot Container

20 Foot Containers are the most versatile storage containers for on-site storage because of their convenient size. We rent and sell 20 Foot Containers in "As-Is", "One-Trip," and "Refurbished" conditions. We have them in almost all markets in the country and we can also accommodate modifications for purchase only. Modifications are based on regional availability so please complete a quote request or contact us to check availability in your area.

Dimensions = 20' Long x 8.5' High x 8' Wide and 5,000 lbs.

20 Foot Container Office

The 20 foot container office is a perfect solution for those that require an on-site office that provides the same durability of a shipping container. We modify 20 foot containers with windows, vents, air conditioning and heaters, carpet or other flooring, insulation, and an interior finish. We can fit them with electricity, lighting and communications wiring. These units are available mostly as rentals but please contact us if you would like to purchase the unit.

Dimensions = 20' Long x 8.5' High x 8' Wide and 5,000 lbs.

40 Foot Container - High Cube

This is a very good solution for those that require length and vertical clearance. The 40 foot high cube meets that solution. Most of the time we have "As-Is" containers available but please let us know if you require a reconditioned or refurbished unit. We'd be happy to make that accommodation for you.

45 Foot Container - High Cube

The 45 foot storage container is slightly harder to find that the 40 or 20 foot containers. The extra length is great for large projects and large storage needs. This container's availability will change so send us a container quote request or call us and let us know where you need it.

Container Details

Shipping containers are designed to protect their cargo as they travel across oceans on freight ships and over land on trains and trucks. They protect the cargo from the elements and secure the cargo from people as well as pests. For these reasons, shipping containers are the perfect solution for on-site storage needs when they are used as portable storage containers. Steel storage containers are built with 12 or 14 guage corrugated steel sides with 6-8 guage steel framing. The floor is usually an inch thick and is either hard wood or bamboo. Shipping containers come standard with double doors on one end of the

Storage Container Conditions

"As-Is" Containers
"As-Is" storage containers are appropriate for those that want the lowest cost container and do not care about its visual appeal. "As-Is" containers make their way into the re-sale system after they are deemed unfit to transport goods across the ocean. These storage containers have visible signs of wear and usually bear the original manufacturer's paint and logo. In some cases they can have rust and visible signs of corrosion.

It is important to clarify that "As-Is" containers can be classified as Wind and Water Tight (WWT) or "As-Is". The WWT containers are weather proof and the true "As-Is" container maybe be vulnerble to the elements. We can ensure that the "As-Is" containers arrive weather proof but we cannot guarantee how long these units will remain that way. If you require wind and water tight, then consider "One-Trip" or "Refurbished."

"One-Trip" containers work well for customers that demand a container that is Wind and Water tight and is in better visual condition. As the name implies, these contaienrs only make one trip across the ocean and therefor have less wear and tear. They have less visual evidence of erosion and far fewer dents and structural imperfections. In general, they will last longer and require less maintenance. The one-trip containers don't always have the original manufacturer's logo so do consider that as well.

Refurbished Containers
These steel containers are perfect for customers that require a finished and professional look. Refurbished units are reconditioned and repainted to an almost new condition. These storage units are guaranteed weather proof and they are usually painted a solid color. In most cases, these work best as on-site storage units.

Storage Container Sizes

Typical weights / capacity


Unit Weight

Max Payload

10' Container 582 sq. ft. 2,500 31,075
20' Container 1,165 sq. ft. 5,050 62,150
40' Container 2,350 sq. ft. 8,000 59,200
40' High Cube Container 2694 sq. ft. 8,775 58,425
45' High Cube Container 3043 sq. ft. 9,810 62,990

Typical dimensions

  Exterior Interior Door Opening
  Length Width Height Length Width Height Width Height
10' Container 10' 8' 8'6" 9'3" 7'8" 7' 9 7/8" 7'8" 7'5"
20' Container 20' 8' 8'6" 19'3" 7'8" 7' 9 7/8" 7'8" 7'5"
40' Container 40' 8' 8'6" 39' 5" 7'8" 7' 9 7/8" 7'8" 7'5"
40' High Cube Container 40' 8' 9'6" 39' 5" 7'8" 8' 10" 7'8" 8' 5 1/2"
45' High Cube Container 45' 8' 9'8" 44' 5" 7'8" 8'10" 7'8" 8' 5 1/2"

Storage Container Applications

Steel storage containers are the perfect solution for the following applications:

  • On-site storage for real estate projects, developments, storage rentals
  • Off-Site storage for stationary, off-site storage rental
  • Residential moving and residential storage
  • Private storage for agricultural properties
  • Containerized housing projects
  • Emergency cottages, medical huts and offices
  • Container offices for on-site job management
  • Guard and security shelters
  • Military storage for bases and other military installations
  • High school and athletic center storage for equipment and concessions


We can modify shipping containers depending on the container and location. Here is a list of frequent modifications:

  • Exterior and interior paint
  • Trubine Vents
  • Shelving (we only install 1" supports - not piping and shelves)
  • Lighting and electrical outlets
  • Air Conditioning and Heaters
  • Double-Doors
  • Roll-Up Doors
  • Windows
  • Lock Box (Protects lock from tampering)
  • Interior insulation and walls
  • Carpet or alternative flooring
  • Cut Outs for Housing Units
  • Partitions and Sections
  • Combination Office and Storage Containers
Please give us a call or email us and we can discuss the options for modifying a container.

Shipping Containers for Sale

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